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Why SEO Alone is Being Phased Out

Is SEO dead? Not hardly. SEO is more important than it ever was before due to the large percentage of businesses online today. But is SEO the determining factor for a websites success? Today’s businesses need to employ a full arsenal of online marketing strategies to be successful.


SEO is the foundation of any solid online marketing strategy. A well optimized site puts the business in position to be found by thousands of potential customers who are actively searching for what you offer. SEO is a strong force for a websites success, but it isn’t the only online marketing tactic that will drive qualified traffic.

Social Media

SEO is perfect for pulling in targeted visitors to your site, although search engine optimization takes time. Social media is a great way to get your message to the masses fast. Social media helps you connect with your audience, gives your business a voice and allows your messages an opportunity to go viral. A well planned social media strategy can send thousands of visitors to your website in a short period of time building brand awareness and new backlinks to your site.

Email Marketing

How to you maximize your contacts and leads? Email marketing. Create campaigns to stay in front of your prospects and customers so you increase the chances of repeat visitors and conversions. Use marketing emails to educate and promote. Add social media elements to your email marketing to really maximize your reach.


The lines between social media and PR are beginning to blur a little. Both are effective and work in similar ways. Use press releases on a regular basis to announce new news about your company and industry. Solid PR can spread your messages to the masses.

Add diversity to your online marketing campaigns and you’ll notice a steady stream of web traffic coming from multiple sources. Think of these strategies as long term commitments instead of short term campaigns. Measure, tweak and analyze to increase your conversions and build a successful website and thriving business.

Don’t just stop with SEO, add other online marketing activities to the mix. SEO is not being phased out, but being added to creating more well rounded online marketing efforts.

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